How to change ofxFaceTracker into x64 version (windows visual studio)

Hi everyone,

I tried ofxFaceTracker, and it works fine. However, I got some errors when change this into x64 version (windows vs2012), does anyone have some ideas about how to accomplish this task?

\quicktime\include\AEDataModel.h(53): error C3861: ‘FOUR_CHAR_CODE’: identifier not found

Thanks in advance.


OF does not currently support x64, you can check this fork though. I haven’t myself but I’m trusting the author on this one.

I don’t know whether porting the ofxFaceTracker addon is a lot of extra work, it depends on the addon being x64 compatible.

Thank you very much. That’s really helpful, and is very up to date. This can help me change to x64 version except ofxfacetracker. :smile: