How to Call GLFW api methods?

I understand that Of is using GLFW, how can I call GLFW methods ?
For example, to get information about the connected displays, or anything else related with GLFW ?

Also, how can I get the current GLFW window instance related with the (default) main window ?

Thanks !

I guess the following functions should be the answer

GLFWwindow* getGLFWWindow();
void * getWindowContext(){return getGLFWWindow();}

Thanks oxillo !

It’s strange but it seems that some glfw calls are not available in an oF project…
Eg. I can call glfwGetMonitors() but not glfwFocusWindow() which produces

error: use of undeclared identifier 'glfwFocusWindow'
so I can’t

Ok, got it. Of 0.9.3 uses GLFW 3.1, this method is only available starting with 3.2