How to build the examples for ios?

Hi all,

I have migrated from cinder to check the land of OpenFrameworks for a large project …

I am working on both ios and android and I have not sees a way to build the examples ?

Of course I am a newbie in OFX ;o)

Could you help ?



Wow guys,

amazing …

nobody knows how to answer this simple question ? like … " read the docs “… or " it’s impossible ;o)”

its not like I waned to embed OFX into Apple IIe eumlator ;o) or compile on VMS

My guess is create an empty project with the generator and put the sources in … but it’s just a guess.

If this is the case … I will gladly look into contributing in the field



If you are using OF084, you can find the related setup guides in the download page. If you are using the master version or the nightly builds, you may want to check the docs on github.

The latest supports Android Studio (experimental).

Thx hubris,

Simple and easy … I like OFX already