How to build release in VS?

I’m trying to generate a stand alone App from a code in Visual Studio.
It run fine in Debug mode, also in Release mode generates the .exe file with the warning:

Debugging information for “name.exe” cannot be found…Binary was not built with debug information.

Anyway, it runs fine inside the project\bin folder, but not outside of this:

System Error: FreeImage.dll is missing

Is there a systematic way to configure the VS Project, to reach a stand alone App?
All ideas and tips are welcome.
Thanks in advance!

the release is getting built but it needs to load the DLLS that are located next to it (this is true both of debug and release). You should be able to move the whole bin folder somewhere else on your hard drive, but moving the app without the DLLs won’t work. There are some fancy tricks to putting the DLLs in other locations (such as in a folder or embedded in the exe) but I don’t have a ton of experience with that.

Thanks @zach for the very explanatory response!