How to build project generator from OF git repo

I’m trying to figure out how to build the ‘Project Generator’ app. I’m pulling the latest stable openframeworks from the git repo. I run the script and everything downloads successfully.

Then I run git submodule init then git submodule update as mentioned in the Read Me. From there I get four new folders in openframeworks/apps/projectGenerator under the names ‘commandLine’, ‘frontend’, ‘ofxProjectGenerator’, and ‘scripts’. The only folder that has an Xcode project file is the ‘commandLine’ folder.

I’m not sure where to go from this point? Do I need to make an Xcode project file and then import all of the ‘.cpp’ and ‘.h’ files from the ‘ofxProjectGenerator’ folder? Thanks for any help on this.

This seemed to have worked for me but I’m still a bit confused as to if this is official procedure?

@michaelpromeo I’ve the same problem, under the project generator folder I’ve ended up with 4 folders, commandLine, frontend,ofxProjectGenerator and scripts, but no project generator app. How did you solve it?
From the linked post it says to “add the project generator folder from the latest OF release to the root of the OF repo”. But it is already there, right?

Hi @michaelpromeo. There’s probably an easier way to do it, but I usually usually just copy it from a downloaded version of openFrameworks and the change the openFrameworks path in the project-generator. I added the project generator as a zip in case you don’t already have it :slight_smile:

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Here’s how to build project generator (command line app) on OSX (should be same in win, linux I guess)
You can automatically generate all project files recursively inside of example directory, or single project as well.

  1. clone projectGenerator repo (
  2. Open and execute following command
  3. cd projectGenerator
  4. ./scripts/osx/
  5. wait for download and compile
  6. You will see new “openFrameworks” folder is created. And projectGenerator folder moved inside of openFrameworks/app/projectGenerator.
  7. Now you have command line app at openFrameworks/apps/projectGenerator/commandLine/bin/projectGenerator
  8. execute projectGenerator app from terminal and see how to use it.

NOTICE : newly created openFrameworks directory is release version. You can delete this in case if you want to work with master branch etc.

Here is copy and paste.

projectGenerator [options] pathName

if pathName exists, project is updated
if pathName doesn’t exist, project is created
(pathName must follow options, which can come in any order)


–help Print usage and exit.
–recursive, -r update recursively (applies only to update)
–listtemplates, -l list templates available for the specified or current
–platforms, -p platform list (such as osx, ios, winvs)
–addons, -a addon list (such as ofxOpenCv, ofxGui, ofxXmlSettings)
–ofPath, -o path to openframeworks (relative or absolute). This
must be set, or you can also alternatively use an
environment variable PG_OF_PATH and if this isn’t set, it
will use that value instead
–verbose, -v run verbose
–template, -t project template
–dryrun, -d dry run, don’t change files


projectGenerator -o"…/…/…/…/" …/…/…/…/apps/myApps/newExample
(create a project called newExample using a relative path for the OF root and the project. note the relative path may be different depending on where this app is located)

projectGenerator -r -o"…/…/…/…/" …/…/…/…/examples
(recursively update the examples folder)

projectGenerator -o"…/…/…/…/" -a"ofxXmlSettings, ofxOpenCv" …/…/…/…/apps/myApps/newExample
(create / update an example with addons)

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hrs I got up to step 5 then in step 6 no openFrameworks folder is not created. im confused. any help would help. :laughing:

Can you post error messages from

~ popa$ cd projectGenerator
-bash: cd: projectGenerator: No such file or directory

Please replace “projectGenerator” with your downloaded folder path.
If you download it on desktop, terminal command should be
cd ~/yourLoginName/Desktop/projectGenerator
You can google how to use
I don’t recommend command line project generator if you are not familiar with terminal.
Please send me pm for further question since this is out of topic.

hey @hrs, thanks for the help

I followed all the steps but i am not getting the PG app with GUI, like the one on the osx official 0.9.8 release
it’s just a command line like you said, any idea about how to get the same PG app than 0.9.8?

…after searching a bit I think you can use a PG folder for the 0.9.8 release. Just copied and changin the OF folder route.
Also you can compile all the frontend that uses node.js:

Oh yes, sorry I made you confused.
I thought command line PG is nicer because of its recursive option(generate multiple pro at once). But after I wrote here, I found GUI PG also has “update multiple” button. Well designed already. So in most of cases we can just copy and paste GUI PG from release version.

I have downloaded the stable release which does not include the project generator.
So, I have cloned the projectGenerator repo and installed node packages in frontend. Now, how do I generate command line binary for windows from the commandLine folder? I’ll need it for Project Generator right? I have no experience in make, etc.
Thank You.

Edit: ran make and this is the error
D:/of_v0.11.0_msys264_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/ *** commands commence before first target. Stop.