How to build a xcode project from scratch

I am trying to hook up some new xcode projects to make plugins with the new OF. I’m not sure how this is being adding

How do you add the openFrameworksLib.xcodeproj?

![]( shot 2011-10-04 at 7.13.47 PM.png)

haha this answers it:

you can not have another window with it open… weird?

I take back my comment - not sure how to link up OF as a xcode project. I can get the project in and it builds but when I try to include “ofMain.h” it says it does not know where it is…

any thoughts?

You probably have to add the openframeworks folders to the header search path. right click on target -> target info -> build -> header search paths

Im using xocde 4 - all the build settings are set via $(OF_CORE_HEADERS)

not sure why its happening. I also added the Project.xconfig as the configuration for the target. Can anyone make a step by step to create a project from scratch in xcode 4.

Don’t know about XCode 4 but OF_CORE_HEADERS is just a collection of paths separated with a ;. like “…/…/libs/openframeworks/**;…/…/libs/assimp/include/;”

You should only have Project.xcconfig and CoreOF.xcconifg in your project.
You need to set it as the config in both the project settings and the target settings, not just the target settings.

Also make sure you have the openFrameworks target as a dependency when you expand your target. It should be:

Compile Sources
Link Binary With Libraries
Run Script
Copy Files

Any thoughts on this…

ofQtUtils.h:42: error: ‘MediaHandler’ was not declared in this scope

I think it has something with the architecture?

You on 10.7?
In that case you need to set 10.6 SDK for both project and target settings.

Im basically getting to the point where i get this same type of error:–undefined-symbols-for-architecture-i386/6957/0

what it looks like is that OF is running in 64bit and the plugin that im working on is running in 32bit. Not sure if I can change the plugin to run in 64bit mode, this is a similar thing going on the screen savers.

Can I build OF to be 32bit

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