How to browse to a file?

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I have a working C++ program which counts some mathematics for specific data from .txt file. But I need to specify the path to the file which I need to work on by typing the path everytime. That is not quite comfortable so I decided to make GUI for that.

So I want to add a button “Open file” to my Openframeworks GUI for that program, so after pressing it in GUI a user can browse to the file he\she need to work on. After that all I need is the path of the choosen file.

Question is: Is there any method or addons to browse files and then getting the path to the chosen one?

Hi mindisgod,

You can use the ofSystemLoadDialog()

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Thanks for the fast answer, Hennio! Will dig it, hope I`ll manage to find some examples of using it.

Have a look at the FileOpenSaveDialogExample

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