How to allocate color to a pixel? like make a point black

Below codes is that how Processing performs Human interaction. And now I want to transform " these codes" into openframeworks style.
Below is the original code:
{ int inputImageN = inputImageW * inputImageH;
int dstRow, dstIndex;
int srcx, srcy, srcIndex;
color black = color(0,0,0);
color col;
color inputMoviePixels[] = inputMovie.pixels;
color outputImagePixels[] = outputImage.pixels;
for (int dsty=0; dsty<unwarpedH; dsty++) {
dstRow = dsty*unwarpedW;

for (int dstx=0; dstx<unwarpedW; dstx++) {
  dstIndex = dstRow + dstx;
  srcx  = (int) srcxArray[dstIndex];
  srcy  = (int) srcyArray[dstIndex];
  srcIndex = srcy*inputImageW + srcx;

  if ((srcIndex >= 0) && (srcIndex < inputImageN)) {
    outputImagePixels[dstIndex] = inputMoviePixels[srcIndex];
  else {
    **outputImagePixels[dstIndex] = black;**


From these codes, I cannot find a type in openframeworks associated with “color” type in processing.
What’s more, I don’t know how to allocate one specific color to a point.
Can you give me a solution ? Thank you very much.

In openframeworks you can use ofColor. For example: ofColor col;
Take a look in ofColor


I will have a look at ofColor. Thank you!

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