How to add the OF library to a new xcode projet?

Hello everyone,

I know that this topic has already been raised in the forum, but I haven’t found any valid resource.

I’m a student working on a project at my university, that includes a wearable projector-camera system. I’m planning to use openframeworks to deal with the graphics that will be displayed by the projector.

Because this is part of a bigger project, I really need to be able to add OF library to new or existing xcode projects, and I can’t just copy one of the examples and develop the whole thing in the example apps folder. I’ve tried for days to figure out how to solve the problem, but I’ve reached no working conclusion.

Anyone has some ideas on how to do this? Maybe a hint on how to build the library as a dynamic library, the same way opencv does with CMake?

Any help will be sincerely appreciated!

Thank you