How to add ofxColorPicker to a UIView?


I would like to use the ofxColorPicker addon ( on my app, for this I need to add the color wheel to a UIVIew subview, any ideas if this is possible? how?.. Julapy?


I would like to do the same, but maybe into an ofxUI canvas. Any idea if it’s posible?
What do you used finally to make a color picker into UIView?

Maybe this example should be helpfull to make a custom color picker:–colorpicker

(I can’t make this addon work with 0071, xcode 4 and 10.7.3.)

I hack my own from this one works great for my needs, you can find a couple more here

Hope that helps

thanks for the links.

Finally ofxColorPicker worked here too.

hi @moebiussurfing !

Did you succeed adding a colorPicker to a ofxUICanvas ?
Could you share your impressions about it ?

Thanks !

not “inside” oxfUI. I used ofxColorPicker just over the ofxUI with alpha.
Anyway I didn’t liked too much the color picker, so now I’am using sliders…