How to add in body/face tracking using a webcam only?

Hi wonderful people of OF!

I am a textile design student who is learning to code and finding it all a bit overwhelming but I am told this is a friendly and helpful space full of amazingly talented people therefore I am persisting! I am however hoping that someone may be able to lead me in the right direction with my latest project…

I am looking to create a real time interactive piece that tracks arm movement (specifically) but i’d be happy with any type of body tracking which will then paint out a pleated texture in response to the movement that will then fade out after roughly 30 seconds.

any advice on:

  • body tracking
  • how to create textures
  • how to fade things out seamlessly

Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

Stacy :slight_smile:

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ofxCv &/or ofxOpenCv for tracking.
textures as in images? or shaders? creating both is simple, especially the image. since its just well, an image
tweening & lerping is good for fading

you will get better results with a high resolution camera, but it can be done with webcam

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Amazing! Thank you so much, I’ve been working my way through your tutorials too which have been super helpful! I’ll give all this a go :+1: I think i’m going to make it as a shader but will probably explore images too just to see what looks best.

I hope to start playing with a Kinect at some point but keeping things simple to start with :slight_smile: Thanks so much again for the response

For body tracking, id go with a kinect right from the start. Body part tracking with a webcam is pretty hard (have a look at openpose). A Kinect gives you body part tracking built-in so its much easier that way.

Also, there are tons of tutorials/examples for it.