How to add Assembly file into CodeBlocks?

I posted the question on StackOverflow as well:

I rewrote a function in AT&T assembly, but the .s file does not compile nor link.

Anyone familiar with CodeBlocks configurations?? Thx!

openFrameworks in linux works with custom makefiles that should find assembly files correctly. they are configured to look for .S with capital S though. if you rename your file it should work

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Yes, finally it works. Thx!

(Maybe OF should add support for some other ASM file extensions? Default listed in C::B are: .asm;.s;.ss;.s62)

i’ll look into it, i added support for assembly at some point cause some addon had .S files but never looked into which other extensions where common for assembly files

Oh, there’re some other little issues as well. If I turn on debug mode, the assembly(s) were not generated on debug mode (gdb cannot find debug infomation), while all other c++ files work fine.

It might be just a little carelessness that CFLAGS excludes -g flag. Please check. :stuck_out_tongue: