How to add addons

I’ve downloaded the git version of OF and memo’s msalibs. It’s the first time in a long time I try to code OF, and the previous time I just made a very simple harmonics example, just to see how the thing worked.

It seems the code has gone a long way towards automation which is a great thing, but it seems the documents are a bit behind times, and I’m a little at a loss.

Now, my question is: it seems the projectGenerator app doesn’t detect new addons unless they’re named ofx**, and various of the msalibs are named MSA* (MSAFluid, MSAOpenCL, etc).

Can someone confirm this? If so, I’m sure I can easily fix the projectCreator or add the addons manually, but I just wanted to make sure


yes that’s the way it is. OF addons are supposed to have ofx in their name.

Is there a reason for that? Will I break something if I try to force the projectCreator to accept (for example) any directory that contains an install.xml file, instead?

I’m pretty sure there are several reasons, but I don’t know them all. For one, I think the PG uses the directory name for indexing the available addons. OTOH, uses the ofx prefix to detect and automatically add addons to the of addons directory.