how to add addon to project (ubuntu linux using codeblocks)


is there any howto of adding AddOns to a project?

i found this on the addOns.h but the link does not work anymore.

And i dont have sound on this machine so i cannot hear Zach’s explanations on the addons installing video, plus I am on linux with CodeBlocks

thanks in advance …


if I’m reading your question right I think I’ve just done this myself.
You need to download the codeblocks fat version. That has an extra addons directory that includes ofAddons.h

Hi again,

I’ve just watched that video you linked, and I’ll try and summarise.

The addons are downloaded as part of the FAT package, but are not installed by default.
go to your unzipped download folder and look in the addons directory, you should see stuff like ofxOpenCv

I’ll use this as an example.

inside this you have directories

You need to copy these files over into your project, and can get a good idea of what to do by looking in the install.xml

This is not intended to be an automated process (i think) but documentation of the steps you need to follow.

There are also steps to add include paths libraries, but these steps were not explained in the video.
Maybe someone else can help out here?

here’s some of the install.xml:

			<folder name="addons/ofxOpenCv/src">						  
			<lib os="win32" compiler="devcpp,codewarrior,visualstudio">../../../addons/ofxOpenCv/libs/opencv/lib/win32/cv.lib</lib>  

I’ve learnt something new, thanks

thanks! i did not notice the install.xml file