How to add a new addon after the fact


I recently started a project with the project generator. I later realized that I wanted to include an additional addon, so I dragged that particular addon over the addon folder in my xcode project relative to the group. But, my project fails with the following error: ‘linker command failed with exit code of 1’

If anyone can help this noobie lost at sea, your help would be worth its weight of gold and silver.



Can you post more of the error?

A guess though : does the addon come with an example? If so, try deleting the example’s folder from your project. Compiling more than 1 app in the same project is going to make the linker unhappy.

Thank you, admsyn! What you suggested did the trick. I was trying to add the ofxRetroPixel addon which had two examples attached which I removed. Thanks again!

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