How to add a delay in audio output?

Hi, I’m an oF newbie working on a sound project which I would like to add an audio output delay.
I have tried increasing the buffersize but it couldn’t help.
Does any genius here could help me with this simple issue I have please?


I’ve been using ofxPd for sound stuff. You can pretty much do anything you want with PD; in your case, a delay object would be of use.

Hi Marsman, thanks for your advice!
I downloaded the addon and failed to run the examples on my xCode 6.1 with OSX 10.10. May I ask if it applies to you as well?


I too am running that setup, and everything is working for me. You might want to try creating new projects, and copy-pasting all of the stuff from inside the examples into the new files (making sure that everything is ofApp, not ofTest).

I’m pretty much brand new at this too, so I won’t be too much help, but what are the errors specifically?

Hi I have tried to do as you suggested but seems no luck with it…

Ah. Go to the “Build Settings” section of Xcode by clicking on the name of the project in the left bar (after going back to the project navigator, not warnings).

Under the “Apple LLVM 6.0 - Custom Compiler Flags” section, make sure to add these flags to “Other C Flags” (as explained in the github page for ofxPd):


Thanks but I still couldn’t run it ._. aaaaaaaaaah

Can you scroll down to the bottom of that errors list? All those warnings are useless; it’s the error that’s important.

It’s a matter of drilling down and figuring out which one of those errors is the originator, or what one thing caused all of that.