How many creative coders are out there?

I think OF, Processing and Cinder are the most popular creative coding tools.
I wonder roughly how many people use these tools worldwide nowadays.

  1. below 100K
  2. 100K ~ 1M
  3. 1M ~ 10M
  4. above 10M

Does anyone have an idea which range would most likely to be correct?

Other tools that are often used are Max MSP / Jitter and VVVV (though VVVV not as often I think).

Short anwer: no clue.

Long anwer:
I guess the number of creative coders depend on your definition. Are kids at coding events creative coders? Or people who do this for fun in their spare time? Or only those who make a living out of it?

According to this question on quora there were about 24 million Github users last December. So even if 1 out of 10 of those are creative coders, that would be somewhere in your 1M ~ 10M range.

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Thank you @javl