How I can use drawMat?


I have a simple question but I couln’t answer using several forum, google or reading the several .h.
I want to draw a cv:Mat.
I found this threads:

I added the ofxOpenCv in addibs.make and included the “ofxOpenCv.h” in the cpp but I can’t use
because It was declarated. (I tryed with ofxCv but thiis ambito doesn’t exist)
src/testApp.cpp:201:22: error: ‘drawMat’ no se declaró en este ámbito

Thank you!


For now, I can draw a mat.

Mat frame;
ofImage image;

image.setFromPixels((unsigned char *) IplImage(frame).imageData,frame.size().width, frame.size().height,OF_IMAGE_COLOR);

But I think that drawMat is more efficient.