How do you know how much to ask for interactive development?

Hi everyone,

I was asked about creating an interactive projection piece for a festival; but I am stuck as to what should I charge (after equipment rental)? I don’t want to charge too much, but also not undervalue this type of service.

If you are uncomfortable with stating how much you usually quote maybe you would have some advice on how I could, or should, calculate it? Or point to a resource that may be able to help.

Thanks so much in advance!

a lost individual

it often depends on the client, the involvement required (8 hrs/day? 20hrs/day?), the deadline, the complexity of the project (is it a “standard” thing? are you you creating something no one ever tired?), what they expect from you (full project management? just creating the interaction for someone else’s project?).

I normally ask a daily fee similar to other creatives, like 3d artists, musicians etc.

dont be afraid to ask what their budget is, you can do a lot more with 50k than 5k

Thanks for the info - these are great suggestions. I had always wondered about asking about budget, thanks Pants. I also found this link: which seems helpful, and what naus3a was getting at.

I was also going to check out the book LifeHacker mentioned, “The Business Side of Creativity” ( ) . Hopefully it helps as well.

Thanks again!

Definitely recommend “Design is a Job” too, but ya, always ask for their budget.
Also, always, always, ALWAYS get a deposit, and have it written into your invoices and contract.