How do you export your sketches for documentation/sharing?

Just curious to pick everyones brain as to how they export their sketches for documentation and or sharing to various platforms.

I have successfully used ofxVideoRecorder, but noticed resolution isn’t great.
I have also heard of ofxSyphon, does it capture the sketch at a better quality?
Is there another add-on/ method you use to capture your sketch? What is it and why?


I’m also curious :stuck_out_tongue:
On my windows machine I use the built in screen recording capabilities eg shadowplay or xbox live (its for gamer to share their headshots or whatever, so it rarely bogs down framerate) on most current gamer PCs there is even a hotkey to start recording. It records HD :smiley:

on my mac I really need to solve that problem because I usually just re-do whatever I made on my windows machine, I do use ofxSyphon when I need to use my mac, I also made a quicktime screencap recording apple script if anyone wants that I can share. Before I have also just used saveFrame() and then made a video with ffmpeg.

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Nice, I gotta try both saveFrame() + ffmpeg & Syphon.
Next time I need to export a video, I’ll experiment with both methods.