(How) do touchEvents work with Emscripten?

It tried to use them (similar to the mouseEvents) but without success.
Still in ofxAppEmscriptenWindow.cpp are some touch methods and Emscripten supports it too.
Am I doing something wrong (I use touchUp,touchMoved and touchDown)?
This is what I found in ofxAppEmscriptenWindow.cpp:

int ofxAppEmscriptenWindow::touch_cb(int eventType, const EmscriptenTouchEvent* e, void* userData) {

        ofTouchEventArgs::Type touchArgsType;
        switch (eventType) {
                    case EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TOUCHSTART:
                        touchArgsType = ofTouchEventArgs::down;
                    case EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TOUCHEND:
                        touchArgsType = ofTouchEventArgs::up;
                    case EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TOUCHMOVE:
                        touchArgsType = ofTouchEventArgs::move;
                    case EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TOUCHCANCEL:
                        touchArgsType = ofTouchEventArgs::cancel;
                        return 1;
        int numTouches = e->numTouches;
        for (int i = 0; i < numTouches; i++) {
                ofTouchEventArgs touchArgs;
                touchArgs.type = touchArgsType;
                touchArgs.id = i;
                touchArgs.x =  e->touches[i].targetX;
                touchArgs.y =  e->touches[i].targetY;
    return 0;

Maybe it is an ofxOfelia issue? Will also try it directly with OF (and touchUp and touchDown work with the normal mouse events, its just touchMoved not working)…

Actually, its working now (I just made something wrong).
Now I wonder if it is possible to ifdef, if the site runs on a mobile device or on a desktop device (and depending on that use touch or mouse events)… ?
Edit: The solution (not sure, if this is a good one) is to use both, touch and mouse events…
Edit 2: Not a good solution, it caused some strange behaviour. Now I block every mouseEvent after the first touchDown event is reveiced, that seems to work good.