How do I work around this Kinect connection Issue?

I am trying to hook up a Kinect for Windows V2 to OpenFrameworks. When I try out the example I get no visual. There is a note: this is a newer Xbox Kinect or Kinect for Windows device, motor / led / accel controls are not currently supported.

However, all I get is a black screen, even though I’m certain kinect is connected properly. (I can see stuff while using Kinect Studio)

Has anyone had this issue before? I’d love to experiment with this technology.

OF only supports the first gen kinect with the included ofxKinect addon. You will need to look at using one of the ofxKinectV2 addons. If you are on windows and only need one kinect at time then this is by far the best addon to use:

There are other addons based on libfreenect2, the “hacked” driver that will allow for multiuple kinect V2’s and also supports mac windows and linux, that work for the kinectV2.