How do I up and run with HaarFinder

I need to use Haarfinder but I am a bit new in this and I want to find the faces that are laughing or smiling
I am in XCode 8.2 on OSX

I would suggest you to use

There is also this

You can easily find some example application if you google for one of the two.

I have used the second link for haarfinder inside the website but the problem is that xcode does know about addon and it says it is undeclared

To add an addon to an existing project, you can to use the project generator

thanks for fast reply I dont have the addon of HaarFinder do you have . address for Haarfinder addon

I would suggest you to read some introduction material and tutorials about openFrameworks before to start to dig into this project. You have to add the ofxOpenCv addon to your project.
Here it is explained how to add an addon

OK thanks I found how to do it, but yes you’re right I should start from introduction tutorials