How do I specify which graphics card to run on?

Hello, I am trying to run a program where I track a user’s movements with a Kinect and replace their blob with an OfMesh composed of a bunch of vertices, essentially the web that is seen in the ofBook tutorial.

When I run the program, it is extremely laggy. I have a feeling it’s because it is running on my built in, Intel graphics card and not on my dedicated card.

How do I set the graphics card in Openframeworks?

Thanks so much!!!

From oF I don´t know, but in case of the NVidia graphics card you can select wich graphic card to use from the NVidia’ s Control Panel. In my case it has 3 states: automatic, intel or nvidia. You can set it from the OS. I suppose there`s something similar for AMD graphic cards. Hope it helps.
(Just give a try to vboMesh, maybe you can achieve a better performance, something that didn’t always work for me)