How do I show Youtube or some web page contents in oF app?

Is it possible to show some youtube movies on oF app? Actually I want to use some web contents via web-api. I know there are some addons like ofxTwitterStream, which pulls some tweets via stream api. But when I try to embed web contents like Youtube, what should i do to archive this purpose? It’s very great if there are some addons or tools which realize behavior of web browser.

please help me…

Not an OF, but C++:


you can use this to display a web browser (including flash)

I know this an old thread, but I am interested in this for a potential project.

ofxYouTubeVideoUtils used to be able to do this, but the readme now reads RIP due to Youtube changes

Anybody has good ideas for streaming youtube (or dailymotion / vimeo / whatever) videos directly from OF?

I had some success using @jvcleave’s reference code to get the .mp4 and .3gp links to youtube videos.

If you download them then you can play them using ofx video players. I’m not sure exactly how to stream them… I’ve got ofVideoPlayer working with ofxGStream to stream other videos from the web, but it doesn’t seem to work with these .mp4 and .3gp links. Is there a way to get the HLS stream of a YouTube video?