How do I setup svn?

I’ve tried using xcode for svn, the details are:

Scheme: http

The errors I get are:

Error: 175002 (RA Layer request failed) Description: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/’
Error: 175002 (RA Layer request failed) Description: PROPFIND of ‘/’: 405 Method Not Allowed (

This is the same error if I try “svn co of” via the command line.

Can someone walk me through the commands please?

Thanks in advance

there’s three svns, for the core, for the examples and for the addons.

if you access through the browser you can see the complete paths. anyway its:…-frameworks

for the core

for the examples though this are not very up to date right now


for each addon

There’s some new libraries that you need to make the version in the svn compile and the project files should have changed a bit as there are some new files, so don’t expect to compile right away with 005 + svn.

Thanks arturo, I was mistaken in thinking it would get all from the root.

btw: case sensitivity, at it again

Thanks again :slight_smile: