How do I set the OF path to root of openframeworks?


i am a newbie, I am using a macbook pro. I downloaded openframeworks form and all the other necessary downloads.
When I wanted to open OF I got this warning:

openFrameworks path is wrong.
Please set the OF path to root of openframeworks (ie, the folder which has “addons”, “libs”, in it).

I don’t fully understand this warning. I have the of_v0.9.3_osx_release 2 folder on my desktop. Do I need to change this? or only the projectGenerator-osx folder which is inside the of_v0.9.3_osx_release 2 folder?

thank you in advance,

you dont need to move anything.
I guess that this warning is being thrown by the project generator. you need to point it to the of_v0.9.3_osx_release 2 folder. One recomendation is to remove the whitespace in the folder name.

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I switched to Mac Os High Sierra recently and i’ve got the same problem. Each I launched ofPG, I need to set up the of root path. How can i set up definetely?
Thanks for reading.