How do I linking *.lib file on VS2015 with

Hi OF friends!
I have some problem again.

How to use ?
I wonder how to linking static lib file to VS project from exactly.

So, Yesterday,
I was made some example lib file and header file.
And made folders like common ofxAddons.

ofxStaticLibSample folder structure is …

So, I was tried edit [ ] for ease use with [ Project Generator ] for another coders. is…


	# include search paths, this will be usually parsed from the file system
	# but if the addon or addon libraries need special search paths they can be
	# specified here separated by spaces or one per line using +=
	ADDON_INCLUDES += libs/math/vs/include
	ADDON_INCLUDES += libs/math/vs/lib
	ADDON_DEPENDENCIES += libs/math/vs/lib
	ADDON_LIBS = libs/math/vs/lib/MathFuncsLib.lib

But, Nothing happens in Linker options.

So I was many tried change option and change text on [ ], But I have nothing still now.

Resultingly. I don’t know how It dose.
Help me.

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