How do I download addons on Linux?

A friend has created an OpenFrameworks project. He develops it on macOS. I’d like to help out. I’m on Arch Linux.

The project has an addons.make file with the contents


I can run projectGenerator . which outputs

[notice ] -----------------------------------------------
[notice ] setting OF path to: /home/kerrick/src/openFrameworks
[notice ] from PG_OF_PATH environment variable
[notice ] target platform is: linux64
[notice ] updating project /home/kerrick/src/ghiness/kugel
[notice ] parsing addons.make
[notice ] saving addons.make
[notice ] project updated! 
[notice ] -----------------------------------------------

1 project updated [notice ] in 0.0303982 seconds

and gives me a Makefile.

After that, when I run make it gives an error fatal error: ofxMidi.h: No such file or directory. It also overwrites addons.make, deleting everything except ofxNetwork and ofxOsc.

I’ve tried passing a bunch of different flags to projectGenerator, but I can’t figure out how to get it to build. How can I make it download these 5 addons, and how can I prevent it from overwriting addons.make?

hi you need to install those addons.
look at to find the missing ones.
(ofxNetwork and ofxOsc are already included in the openFrameworks download).
or ask your friend to send those to you, these are in his addons folder.

I too don’t like the fact projectGenerator actually removes the line of each addon not found and opened an issue here : projectGenerator CLI : addons.make file is altered and addons are removed if not found · Issue #258 · openframeworks/projectGenerator · GitHub

+1 – I think this is not the right behavior – it makes sense to warn about missing addons (which the graphical PG does), but removing them from addons.make seems like it’s going to cause more problems for everyone…