How do I copy an ofxCvImage next to another one?

hi there,
I get a frame from 1 kinect and a frame from another kinect.
I would like to merge the 2 images next to each other .
so from 2x 640x480resolution frames, I want to get to 1x 1280x480resolution frame/image to work with.

I tried setting ROI in order to insert pixel data from kinect as follows:

    if ( kinect.isFrameNew() || kinect2.isFrameNew() ){  
        grayImgWide.setFromPixels(kinect.getDepthPixels(), kinect.width, kinect.height);  
        grayImgWide.setFromPixels(kinect2.getDepthPixels(), kinect2.width, kinect2.height);  

in the end however the graImgWide only contains the data from the last setFromPixels() operation , ie data from the 2nd kinect. is there an easier way to get the data into the wide image, rather than using a for loop to read the 2 images row by row (one row from one image, then the same row from the other image and so on) ?

thank you for your help

Hi @synthnassizer! Were you able to make that work?