How do I compile master branch for VS2015?

Hi All. I’ve never had to do this before but the addon I need (ofxOpenVR) requires the master branch a sit uses GLM. I can’t find any info on how to compile the master branch.

I had a poke around and tried compiling libs\openFrameworksCompiled\project\vs\openframeworksLib.vcxproj. This produced many errors regarding GLM. I also got excited when I found scripts\vs. I ran compileAllExamples.cmd and setupCommandLine.cmd without fuss. Trying to compile the sample project then resulted in more “GLM not found” errors. The resulted in …/dev/ No such file or folder.

I’m sure it’s really simple, but please someone put me out of my misery :slight_smile:

Ha! Nightly builds. Of course. Senior moment there. Admin feel free to delete this.

no worries it’s fine lots of people have this problem when trying to use OF from github so it’s fine to leave the answer, if you want to use OF from git directly you also need to use the download_libs script in scripts/platform to download the external dependencies that have been recently removed from git

Ah ok thanks Arturo!

@jamesalliban @arturo have you managed to compile the master branch for ofxOpenVR? I am on win10 vs2015. I have executed the download_libs.ps1 script. I cannot compile the projectgenerator as there is no .sln file. How do I continue? Thx

ok, i copied the project generator from the nightly build,but there should be another way, right?

@johansonjj Hi, I made a fork of ofxOpenVR that works with the current release version. See here.

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@jamesalliban Thank you James. Your branch was the first version I got actually working. The ofxOpenVR master branch runs smoother though with OF master. No more crashes on exit and no more need to restart the Oculus Driver and/or steamVR.

@johansonjj Ah good to hear.

Could you elaborate a little? It sounds like you’re saying you got Hugues’ version of ofxOpenVR running in OF 0.9.8. This isn’t possible as far as I’m aware as ofxOpenVR uses glm.

I find I only have to restart the SteamVR after the PC has started up after sleeping. Is this what you mean?

@jamesalliban I got Hugues version running in OF master branch.
Before, in 0.9.8 with your branch of ofxOpenVR, I would have to restart the DK2 and/or steamVR very often after quitting the app.
This is fine now.