How do I compile CUDA code with OpenFrameworks?

As the title suggests, I’m interested in using OpenFrameworks as a graphical output for CUDA computations. However, OpenFrameworks has a pretty complex compile setup with Makefiles that doesn’t play nicely with CUDA’s CMake setup. I’m interest to know how I can use OpenFrameworks in a CUDA project or (if it’s easier) vice versa.

I’m working in Linux with CLion. I’ve tried using this CMake library to convert OpenFrameworks for CUDA, but was thrown a lot of errors. I’d prefer to be able to go the route of adding OpenFrameworks on top of my existing CUDA code, but I can live with creating an OpenFrameworks project and then adding CUDA on top of that.

Please let me know what I can do to resolve my issue.
Thanks in advance!

There used to be an ofxAddon for creating a CMake file. Here:

However, it only works with OF 0.8 or 0.9. You may have to look in and tweak things up to make it work.

You can also try including OF’s modules individually but this can be a very involved process.