How do I build from source?

I feel embarrased about having to ask this, but…

After updating XCode I’m stuck because QuickTime is no longer there. After reading through some of the issues and pull requests I see that a tentative fix has been merged into the 0.9.4 branch.

Here’s the question that makes me feel dumb: how do I build absolutely from scratch? That is, I’ve just checked out a brand new copy from github and said ‘git checkout 0.9.4’. How do I get from here to a point where there are .xcodeproj files in all the example directories, projectGenerator-osx exists, and I can put my own app in apps/myApps?

@spacefolder - actually don’t feel embarrassed its not actually super clear how to generate the projects for the git repo.

  1. Once you have the branch you want to work with, add the project generator folder from the latest OF release to the root of the OF repo.
  2. Then run the project generator.
  3. Hit the cog wheel on the right of the PG and select advanced options.
  4. Then select the update multiple tab, put in the path to the examples folder in the current OF repo folder.
  5. Make sure Xcode is selected in the platforms field below.
  6. Hit update multiple and wait :slight_smile:
  7. Once the success message appears you should be good to go.


Also updated the ReadMe in the Git Repo to make it a bit clearer how to do this.