How do I add a new app?


This is a real noobie question, but how do I add a new app to openFrameworks?

I’m running OF 0061 FAT on Xcode. So far, I’ve played with the examples, and the add-on examples, but every time I try to install another app, all of the links mess up. I know that this is as simple as just putting the files in the right place, but I don’t know where the right place is!

I know this is a real amateur thing to ask - but I’ve scoured the forum, the OF website, and even good old Google – but been unable to find the right place to put my files. I want to get playing with Theo’s SMS app ( for my MacBook Pro, and Gamuza

I know there must be a tutorial somewhere! Until now I’ve lived in a world of GUI… :wink:



There’s a lovely little video that runs through most of this (I understand the basic principle) - but I still get a lot of compile errors when I try to use the other examples. Is there a shortcut to help the compiler look in the right place? I have 5147 errors (files not found) when I try to compile Gamuza.

Really sorry to all the master coders reading this in frustration!

Hi olliepalmer,

Also a newbie to of so if any one sees a easier way to do what I’m about to describe, let me know!

To include a addon in Xcode i usually do this:

  1. Right click / alt click in your projects Group & Files window (in the root).
  2. Select new group
  3. Name the new group addons
  4. Select the new group
  5. Choose Project -> add to project and locate the folder of the addon you want to add
  6. Make sure "Copy items into destination group’s folder (if needed) is unchecked, and that “Recursively create groups for any added folders” is selected.
  7. If the addon folder contains any examples / installation.xml files, remove these from your project. (simply by selecting and hitting delete)

You could do this in other ways to (include the path to the addon in the header’s search path in your projects build settings) but I find this to be the easiest way (gives you a quick overview what you have included).

Not sure if this is what you where looking for. I you just are having problem just making a new app, make sure you’re:

  1. making a duplicate (copying) a example in the example folder
  2. renaming the folder and the project file
  3. opening the project and changing the Target name

You would run into trouble if you copy an example into another folder then example, since the projects uses relative search paths (i.e …/…/…/addons ). You could however add a new folder for your projects in the app folder so you keep the same relative search paths.

Hope this helps!