How can I stream audio from web into C++ app

Soundcloud has an API which implements the Web Audio API in javascript, I’d like to have a C++ app make a request to get a handle to audio data stored on my profile (I think as an Audio node) and play that. As soon as I have the data in C++ I know what I am doing, I have my own Open AL sound engine, but to send out javascript from C++, listen out for a response to a request, and convert a javascript audio node into data C++ can do things with is something I can’t quite fathom.

I take it I should be looking at things like CEF and Awesomium?

Edit: Looks like all I need to do is make a few http requests, get the location of a .m4a file, and play that whilst decoding using ffmpeg. Doesn’t seem too hard.


Were you able to make it work? I’m trying to use FFMPEG to play some stream from