How can I make an ofxGui have more resolution in each step?

hi all,
I have a large range of values (0 to CAMERA_WIDTH * CAMERA_HEIGHT)
that my ofxIntSlider can take.
but the slider itself is too small to get any significant resolution in each step (even if i extended the slider across the whole screen).

is there a mathematical way to increase the resolution at lower values (say between 0 - 5000) and gradually reduce resolution in larger values?
The log graphs that we did in school come to mind, but this is does not suit me in this case i believe…
I need something that looks like an exponential function f(x)=x^y, which instead of skyrocketing, at the maximum value coincides with the result from the linear function f(x) = x. any ideas?

thank you

hm ok so thinking about it, an exponential function is indeed what i need.
it has a slow start and picks up speed (steeper gradient) the larger the x values.
The only problem is that an exponential function will be larger than a linear function for all values of x>1.
The solution is to use the region 0<x<1, where the exp. fn values are smaller than the linear fn values.
Then I simply expand the range of values by multiplying with my CAMERA_WIDTH * CAMERA_HEIGHT maxvalue.