How can I learn OpenFrameworks?Also is it for general purpose applications?

Hello.How can I learn OpenFrameworks?I looked at it’s documentation on web,but unfortunately seems like most functions don’t have even a brief description of what they do.
Does it come a more detailed manual when you download OpenFrameworks?

Also,is OpenFrameworks for general-purpose application programming or for processing graphics,making artwork,etc.?Can I write general-purpose applications with OpenFrameworks?

openframeworks is in most ways an addon to c++ itself. this is how i look at it. the c++ language is very vast as to what it can do, so can pretty much do what you need, but in an easier way, since it gives many ways in which to do them.
so for working with it in general purpose, why not? it is only just c++, but with an openframeworks addon. once built for whatever system, it wont matter. its not JUST for graphics, its been used for many different things.

it is true the documentation does not give out what most functions do. im hoping to add some to the offline documentation ive been working on, which ive just recently released, as well as add them on to the online version in future. but need to have a list and add them etc.
here is a link and the original forum post for offline documentation:
" Openframeworks offline documentation for download "

if your familiar with c++ and some of oF, go for the mastering openframeworks book here:

i suggest getting it from here rather than amazon. purely because of the way amazon treat the staff, which is awful. stand up against the bastards :wink:

hope that helps

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Thanks for your answer

make sure you search in google for coupons on packtpub, i did that -40% on the book

Thanks for your suggestion.