How can I increase the font size of gui panel?

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How can I enter the title for gui panel?
How can I increase the font size of gui panel??


gui.setup("A Title");

in the documentation, you’ll find a list of global functions to play with for customizing your panel

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Hi, @bidul

Thanks a lot.

I’ll try that.

the global functions are just calling the static methods of the ofxBaseGui class, so for changing the font and font size used in the panel, you can either use :

ofxGuiSetFont(<font_name>, <font_size>, ...);


ofxPanel::loadFont(<font_name>, <font_size>, ...);

// or

gui.loadFont(<font_name>, <font_size>, ...);

there are just some slight differences in the names

it is the same for the other global functions, you can take a look to the ofxBaseGui class

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