How can I edit the project Generator json files output?

Hello. I’m using PG in linux and VScode.
I found out some of the task.json and c_cpp_properties.json lines the PG make as output aren’t correct.
in the task.json I had to change the problemMatcher path from “relative” to “autoDetect” to make it work properly.
and the c_cpp_properies.json has 12 warning in it as it includes some paths doesn’t exist in my system.
I’d like to edit the PG configuration to avoid correcting these files every time I start a new project and make my life easier.
Is there an easy way to do this?

Nevermind. I found the files to edit in:

I also edited line 1023 in:
like this:
var linuxPath = pathTemp.join(fullPath, arg['projectName'] + '.code-workspace');
To open VScode when clicking on “Open In IDE” button.

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Great. can you submit a pull request on github? this way others can test it too
I’ll copy @hrs here, the author of vscode template

@dimitre I don’t really know how to submit a pull request on github.

" Open in IDE" the iOS project/PG never worked for me, it doesn’t open the Xcode at all on.
For the MacOS project and PG it open the project on Xcode as excepted !

Ok, I looked inside the index.js file and I found that never checked if the platform is iOS. I just changed from ‘xcode’ to ‘ios’ the line 1011 and it worked :slight_smile: finally.