How can I create an effect like this?

I was thinking a combination of Kinect + OpenFrameworks. I’m not sure if I need OpenNI or OpenCV, or some other CV framework. The application is to create a ghost like image of a human body.


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Are you interested in motion blur?

Or is it more of a distance transform (e.g.

Distance transform is implemented in OpenCV.

I believe there are addons for motion blur …

Thanks for the reply. I’m definitely interested in motion blur. I think what I’m getting at is emphasizing the motion of the body while masking any body features. Like in the example image I posted, you can’t see the skin / face / whatever.

What do you want to happen when dancers are not in motion?

Still bodies will look like a white/grey blob, with minimal blurring compared to the blobs in motion.

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I’m not familiar with graphics visualization so I’m struggling to describe what the reference image looks like. It looks to me like
background is cut out
closer objects are bolder than more distant ones
the raw image isn’t completely blurred out, like I can still see ankle and toes

Is that fair?

To me, it looks like black and white long-exposure photography of dancers … e.g.

So, to create something similar, you might just try accumulating a running average of grayscale camera pixels.

You can create a running average of pixels manually doing the math with the camera’s ofPixels or you could use one of the built-in OpenCV functions (e.g. accumulate [see this]).

As a quick first try, I’d guess that you could also tweak the parameters of this ofxCv example to get a similar effect.


Thanks Bakercp, that looks like it!

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