How can I add system libraries to the config.make file?

This is a stupid question, but I don’t know it. I am using OF 72.

I need to use some system libraries in /usr/lib in my OF project. But I don’t know how to add the libraries.

Actually I am trying to use Flycapture 2 driver for linux to develop a vision project in Openframeworks. I firstly installed Flycapture driver in my machine, and the file is installed to /usr/lib and the headers are installed to /usr/src/Flycap2. I know I can config the config.make file in order to add some custom libraries, but in this case, how can I add?

I tried to add -lflycapture after USER_LDFLAGS like :" USER_LDFLAGS = -lflycapture " , but it didn’t work.

Anyone knows how to make it work? Or forget about FLYCAPTURE, assume you want to use the opencv libraries installed in the system (/usr/lib), not the one in the opencv addon, how are you going to link the libraries and include the headers?


usually you have to add in config.make in USER_LDFLAGS as you say -lflycapture but are you sure of this check that is the right wording maybe it is -lFlycapture or whatelse ( drivers usually have doc for this). another option use

USER_LDFLAGS =  -L/path_to_the_lib