How can creators and users of addons better communicate


I think that a certain kind of communication should exist between the persons who create and the persons who use addons and this in both directions.

Let me give an example:

My addon
is used by another addon

and in the README file of movieToeSign there is an information that is no longer true:
“note: if you’re using the addon in linux (ubuntu in my case), you need to include float.h explicitly in some files (you’ll know when you compile)”

The following happend:
I was informed of the bug from here :,-trying-to-get-ofxhgui-working/8024/0
and I corrected it as quickly as possible, but the maker of movieToeSign was not aware of the update.

There should be some way to permit:

  • that users of an addon inform the addon maker about bugs
  • that the addon maker inform all users (that could be registered in some way) about new updates of the addon

I think also that when by the point of view of a user certain features are missing, it would be better than the user asks the addon maker if he/she can implement the feature before forking the project and trying to implement it on its own.

On the main OF site I would much appreciate a link to

and what would be very nice : a possibility to see the dependencies between the addons
and additionaly to show the projects in which the addons are used.


this is possible via the issue tracker of your repo:
Also, you can report the error in the project which used your addon here:

this is possible if interested users “watch” your repo on github - they will be informed of all commits you make.

this depends on the skill and free time of both parties, I think. If somebody fixes a bug or implements a feature for you correctly, and you just have to review the changes, would you not like that? also, nobody forces you to merge their changes back in. :slight_smile:

the main site is being remade currently, and ofxaddons will be linked to.
Dependencies between addons: yes, that would be useful, but this is information which should already be in the README of addons, in my opinion! There’s talk about formally requiring this in the future, and including some version information for addons, so that dependency issues will occur less often.