How are libs tracked in OF source control?

Does the script somehow keep track of the commit hash? If the libraries change at some point how does OF synchronize source and third party libraries?

Is it the apothecary submodule that keeps track of all libraries? How can we build from apothecary instead of downloading the master prebuilt libraries?

Hey, the script downloads precompiled libraries, and it will download the latest nightly build.
Using apothecary is really easy. just download it an make sure that you put it in the correct directory. I has all the needed instructions.

Hi Roy, what I’m worried about are API changes in case some lib is updated… then going back to an older OF version might get complicated if the exact versions are not tracked.

I’m sure it’s covered somewhere, and it’s probably in the apothecary… just wanted to make sure

ohh right. although these are kept in the apothecary repo rather than in the openframeworks one.
for example, like in the following formula.

apothecary is placed as a submodule in the openframeworks repo, so I guess that these two are mapped somehow.

hope this helps.