How about recording my voice through my computer microphone in OF

How about recording my voice in real time through my computer microphone?
And display the wave of my voice??

Looking forward your help!

Thanks a lot!

if you want to use your microphone to record/playback, ofSound has everything you’d need on the software end.

The examples found here

Give you a starting point for working with oF’s sound abilities. In particular take a look at audioInputExample.

It looks like the example uses a push_matrix in void ofApp::draw() to create the waveforms

Additional Information:
Everything you would need to know about using the oF’s sound facilities can be learned here:

the important bit is this:

Load and playback sound files through ofSoundPlayer

Read and write sound directly from/to the sound card with ofSoundStream

ofSoundBuffer can be used in combination with ofSoundStream or with external libraries to manipulate sounds, like crop them, append a sound buffer to another, change its rate…

There’s also another addon for if you want to go even further and have some processing beyond what the core library offers: