Horizontal Lines on Webcam Feed because of LED Flickering on Openframeworks + OpenCV

I am having horizontal lines in my webcam feed in Openframeworks and I am using a Playstation Eye cam with ofxPS3EyeGrabber to achieve this. I have also tried opencvexample sketch but it looks like the same.

For defining the context, I am trying to create a real-time hand drawing tracker by using a webcam , lighttable and some transparencies. So the idea is to digitalize the drawn sketch on a transparent acrylic sheet by using computer (similar to an overhead projector). The setup is similar to “Where do you call home?” by Peter Thompson (2008) https://vimeo.com/122126723. If you have any ideas on how to built this kind of setup without this flickering issue, I would like to hear them also.

I have also checked this thread but I can’t solve my problem with the suggested solutions.

Does anyone have an idea how I can tackle this problem?

Thank you!