Homography on points

Hi all,
I am not sure how do proceed with ofxCv example-homography.
I mean, once I have the homography matrix as a cv::Mat type, how can I apply it on some points to get their reprojections?

I was reading up on openCv and if I am not mistaken I should use
perspectiveTransform(srcPts, dstPts, homographyMatrix)
to get reprojected points in dstPts .

however, in the ofxCv wrapper.h header file, I see no such function.
Instead I see quite a few warpPerspective() functions, one of them seems to take the arguments that I want.

I could use that but what stops me is the opencv documentation. It says that warpPerspective should be used for images (and that I should use perspectiveTransform() for points instead).

What should I do?

thank you for your help.

i know this is an old post but hey

i use ofxHomographyHelper which returns a ofMatrix4x4 matrix

which i then simply multiply with any point that needs that transformation
ofDrawCircle(usbToIPmatrix * trackPoint_A, 10);