Hiring: Computational Media and Arts academics

Hi everyone,

the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is setting up a brand new Computational Media and Arts department on their new campus in Guangzhou, China. The university is very highly ranked tech institute (top 26 in world rankings) and is very keen to recruit international staff!

We’re looking for artist-hackers / computational artists / new media artists at all stages of their career to become faculty members. We would consider people with MAs/MFAs/PhDs as long as they have strong research or arts practice.

Here are some perks that come with the job:

  • very competitive salary
  • generous start-up grant
  • on campus professor’s flat
  • 1000 sq.m brand new lab facilities with all the latest tools
  • great community of staff & students
  • a lot of free time for research or arts practice!
  • a lot of other professional opportunities in the area. The ground is quite fertile.

More info on the programme: https://cma.hkust-gz.edu.cn/

To apply please see details below:

Thank you,

Dr Theo Papatheodorou
Professor of Practice in Computational Media Arts
Computational Media and Arts Thrust
Information Hub

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