Hiring C++ Software Engineer in London

Hello oF community! I’m excited to announce that disguise.one is looking to hire 3 talented software engineers to join our engineering team based in London.

We’re looking for engineers with a string background in C++ who want to be a part of our team that sits at the heart of the live events industry.

We’re hiring:
1x Mid-level Generalist Software Engineer which you can apply for here

1x Mid-level Software Engineer specializing in Networking which you can apply for here

1x Senior Software Engineer specializing in Graphics which you can apply for here

Also happy to answer any questions if people want to email me at james.bentley@disguise.one



Email sent, please check.


Thanks for your interest Trish!

Hello, is this still relevant? Are there still free positions in your company? In case that there are, I’m gonna PM you…

Hey, yes indeed we are, please email or PM me.