Hint howto compile ofxTimleine/Duration on linux64

As I had quite hefty troubles compiling this, I want to tell how.
I am on ubuntu 14.04, having OF 0.8.4 and Duration from git. As of Writing, other as recommended and documented in Duration’s git readme, you must use OF 0.8.4, NOT OF from git.

The deps installed with scripts/linux/ubuntu/install_dependencies.sh work fine, but gstreamer-0.10 development packages must be uninstalled (or you will get reference error at linking). Code:Blocks is not necessary. Compiling OF with scripts/linux/compileOF.sh works fine.

After placing Duration Folder in addons, the addons Duration depends on are installed from git via Duration’s clone_addons.sh, but you MUST install newest ofxTextInputField from git (just delete the folder in addons, run Duration’s clone_addons.sh which does its magic)

as Makefile and config.make are missing in the accompanying applications DurationRemote and RecordingDataGenerator, you will have to copy them over.
DurationRemote segfaults though.
see pastebin.com/hue8qbvj

hope that helps someone out.