High Speed Video Capture

I am thinking of an installation using high speed video capture and replay. higher than 120 fps and larger than 640x480 dimension is required. This project is for rather commercial purpose so it’s doesn’t matter of high cost. Could you recommend any camera and etc?

The below one allows up to 86 fps. Does anyone have experience of recording high speed from OF application?


Hi thedofl,

I’m interested in this issue as well, but so far I don’t see any feasible DIY solution for > 640x480@60fps. Even companies like unibrain or point grey aren’t carrying high resolution AND high speed cameras. Sure they have high speed (~80fps) vga cameras but that’s only marginally better than a ps3eye and about 10x more expensive if not more. Once the resolution goes up to HD levels, the framerate drops to 30 or lower.

My though is that it would be better to use a nice HD camcorder which can shoot 720p @ 60fps. maybe there are HDMI frame grabbers that can handle this to use it in realtime?

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I have an idea of taking hight speed video and playing it.

Below link shows a slow motion video taken by Cannon 7D. Cannon 7D just takes HD/60fps and there is post-production software converting to 2000 fps. The quality is super great. So we might

  1. trigger shooting via high quality camera.
  2. do post-production
  3. load a final video and play.…-n-bacar%2f

I know one artist made an installation talking photos with canon camera and showing them on the screen but not sure the SDK allows shooting video. And how we control the post-production software from OF app or build my own application.

If money is not a problem and it doesn’t have to be live I think your best bet is to rent a Phantom